On road NATS 2018 #1 26-03-2018

RCMOTT will like to thank all it's members for coming out on Sunday for the start of the race season it was quite a very interesting day filled with lots of surprises.

The on road class is showing to be very competitive this year with driver's like Jarod, Spence Amir and Lyndon showing lots of form and a force to deal with, the reigning on road National Champ for 2017 Zameer Ramoutar has his work cut out for him this year and only time will tell.


The day started out with a shower of blessing for the Lord above ensuring that the day proceedings went will and indeed it did, with 7 drivers and 3 rounds of qualifiers at 7mins lower mains 25mins and final race 35mins and 1 driver qualifying directly to the final race. 

The first round would have the drivers going all out as if it was the final race with Jerome and Spence battling it out for top qualifier position, at the end of round 1 Spence would hold the TQ position. 


The second round would show to be a lot more intense with Jarod now wanting to take the TQ position and Jerome showing that it's not going to be an easy qualifier the drivers set out to the track. 2017 On Road National Champ Zameer would seems to be a little out of shape as he just didn't seem to have that little more zoom in him to battle with these guys, as the qualifier start the Jerome got to it and showed that he was on a mission to gain that TQ position but Jarod would not let it go by that easy with very lap these 2 would be separated by only seconds at the end of round 2 Jerome would now take the TQ position with 33 laps in 7.01sec with Jarod doing 33 laps in 7.04sec.


In round 3 of the qualifiers Zameer would try to have a go at the TQ position but it would be a battle to the end with Jerome not letting his guard down and Spence knocking on the doors of these 2 drivers letting them know he right here for the 7 mins these 3 would all be on the same lap and only separated by seconds like in round 2, at the end of round 3 Zameer didn't have that little extra to take the TQ position from Jerome as he missed it by 3sec.


Jerome would qualifier directly into the final race leaving the other 6 drivers to battle in the lower mains were only 3 will then qualify to the final race.

The line up for the lower mains were Zameer, Jarod, Spence, Steven, Lyndon and Amir in that order, during the warm up for the lower mains Amir would suffer a broken axle which would have him retire from the race. 


The lower main started with 5 drivers 25 mins long Zameer would step out with the lead with Jarod and Spence not letting him out of the site, but in the 44 lap, Zameer would suffer a mechanical issue putting Spence in the lead Steven would know get in the action with Zameer out. The top 3 now holding on to get into the final race Spence, Jarod and Steven in that order would now just try to hold out until the end of the race to make it to the finals, but in the 17 min for the race  Zameer would return to the track on a mission to get in the top 3 and that he did the 11 year drove like his life depended on it with Steven in 3rd place trying to secure his position in the finals Zameer just kept coming at him lap after lap and at the end of the 25 mins main the top 3 drivers to make it to the finals would go as follow Spence, Jarod and Zameer. Steven lost the 3rd place to Zameer by 1 lap.

With this being the first National event for 2018 the final race would be very critical for all in the drivers in the finals. This year the final race has been shorten to 35 mins from the normal 45 mins final so it just got a whole lot more intense.


On the starting grid we had Jerome, Spence, Jarod and Zameer in that order and at the sound of the horn the race started with Jerome taking the lead followed by Zameer, Spence and Jarod, but Zameer would suffer the same mechanical problem as before and drop down to 4th place while Jerome kept on making the laps but Jarod would not let Jerome out of his site staying on the same lap trying to get closer to make the pass but Jerome would show the youngster that age and experience is of great value. Spence would hold on to 3rd place but quietly catching Jarod some say that Spence has been in training for sometime seeing the sort of driving skills he made, but a sudden turn of events Jerome would suffer a major mechanical problem on the 91st lap that would put him out of the race and then Zameer then returns to the race with only 16 mins remaining trying to get the 3rd place finish from Jerome and man did the youth drive.


Jarod would keep pushing with Spence now in 2nd place and just 1 lap down Jarod these 2 would trail each other like a train on a greasy track no stopping, but then the worst thing could happen when you are in the lead Jarod's battery dies on his car on the 123rd lap and Spence being right on his door just ran straight through the house to take the lead mean while Zameer still making up those laps to get 3rd place, Jarod just stands on the drivers stand and watches Spence run away with the lead at the end of the final race the winners are as follow 

  • Yosef Baboolal aka Spence 1st 148 lap in 35mins
  • Jarod Johnson  2nd 128 laps in 35mins
  • Zameer Ramoutar aka Zed 3rd  107 laps in 35mins

The 1st National event just shows whats to come for 2018 in the sport of Radio Control Model Car Racing

On road nats points 2018#1

On Road National Finals

On Sunday 24th September 2017 RCMOTT held it's final On Road National for 2017 at Hakim Juman Street Chaguanas.

The morning started off to a wet start as we had showers of blessing from the Lord God which we accepted with opened arms. But as the saying goes "rain only stops cricket" with the help of all members the track was blown and swept getting the majority of water off the track. Due to the late start we had 1 qualifier and shorter mains. After the qualifier Jarod Johnson would win Top Qualifier (TQ) for the sportsman class, and in the expert class Zameer Ramoutar would win Top Qualifier (TQ).

The final race for sportsman was 15 mins and expert 20 mins long. The sportsman race would start with Jarod taking the lead and Yosef Baboolal hot on his heels in second place, young Amir Fonrose would struggle with the wet conditions in third place. At the end of the sportsman race Jarod would walk away as the 1st place winner followed by Yosef in 2nd and Amir in 3rd.

The expert race would have a really twist as Zameer had a battle with Akeel Ali for 1st place as these to drivers were just seconds apart, Jerome Gafoor would have mechanical problems with his car and struggle in 3rd place. In the last 10 mins of the race Akeel would suffer a radio problems put Zameer in the lead but by the time Akeel got back out on the track Zameer would have a commanding lead.

At the end of the race Zameer would finish in 1st, Akeel 2nd and Jerome 3rd. So at the end of the Sunday's event the results of the day are as follow:

Sportsman class:

  • Jarod Johnson              1st & TQ
  • Yosef Baboolal              2nd
  • Amir Fonrose                3rd
  • Lyndon Ramoutar         4th
  • Jonathon Lackhansingh 5th

Expert class:

  • Zameer Ramoutar 1st & TQ
  • Akeel Ali              2nd
  • Jerome Gafoor    3rd 

The moments you all have been waiting for the Final Standings for 2017 On Road Nationals

Sportsman Class:

  • Jarod Johnson               1st
  • Amir Fonrose                2nd
  • Jonathon Lackhansingh3rd
  • Jerome Atkins               4th
  • Nafees Mohammed       5th
  • Yosef Baboolal              6th
  • Gerel Granderson          7th
  • Lyndon Ramoutar         8th


Expert class:

  • Zameer Ramoutar    1st
  • Jerome Gafoor         2nd
  • Steven Hosein          3rd
  • Jason Drysdale         4th
  • Akeel Ali                   5th
  • Garvin Granderson   6th
  • Cameron Granderson 7th

RCMOTT will like to thank all members for their support in the 2017 Nationals and look forward to your continued support in 2018

Thank you for your time and support in building model car racing in Trinidad and Tobago


Joseph Ramoutar



Expert Listing


Sportman Listing


Fast Lane (ON-Road) with Paolo Morganti

On July 9th 2017 RCMOTT will be hosting it 3rd On Road National event called Fast Lane. This event will be held at Baraka Grounds Chaguanas.

We are asking all members to come out and support this event is for the betterment of the sport and also to show our strength by members.

At this event we will have the #1 ranked GT driver in the US attending our event Paolo Morganti lead design for IGT8 and factory driver.


For this event only the registration fees are as follow:

  • Members $400.00 inclusive of pit space
  • Non Members $600.00 inclusive of pit space
  • Pit space includes whole table and 2 chairs

We are currently working on the design for the t shirts and will update you all in the coming weeks.

Registration for Fast Lane is now open so register early so here is the link 


Thank you for your support in building model car racing in Trinidad and Tobago.

Maximum Drive: wet to dry...

On Sunday 21st May 2017, RCMOTT hosted its 3rd National Off Road Championship; Maximum Drive, was the name of the event. The morning started out wet as the overnight rain had the track water logged in some places, but with the help of the members the water mysteriously vanished and as our saying goes ask and you shall receive. Boom within an hour or so guess what, our prayers were answered the sun came out and dried the rest of the track. We all looked up to the sky and said “Thank you God”. The drivers wasted no time in getting on the track, to verify that there setup was on point. 

As qualifying began, some drivers came to the conclusion that, they didn’t have the correct tyres for this, tacky track condition. Jarod Johnson would go on the win Top Qualifier (TQ) in the first round of qualifiers doing 10 laps in 7.39sec. As the track began to dry up the drivers began to step the pace with Steven Hosein taking the TQ position away from Jarod Johnson in the second round of qualifiers doing 10 laps in 7.32sec. But that would soon be short lived as Akeel Ali went into Maximum Drive to win TQ in the third round of qualifiers doing 10 laps in 7.00mins flat. Trailing Akeel was Zameer Ramoutar with 10 laps in 7.09sec. 
At the end of the qualifiers, Akeel Ali walked away with the title of Top Qualifier (TQ). Both Akeel Ali and Zameer Ramoutar qualified directly into the A Main. The B Main started with eight drivers, only the top four drivers of this race were privileged to get the bump to the A Main. The B Main race showed to be quite a challenge for some of the drivers, like Jerome Gafoor who had a servo failure, Nafees Mohammed with engine problems and young Amir Fonrose also with servo failure. But, at the end of the B Main the top 4 drivers were Jarod Johnson, Steven Hosein, Morgan Lloyd and Dimitre Baboolal.

45 mins was the time allotted for the A Main Race. The drivers were eager to start as everyone was looking for that win to move them up the leader board. At the start of the race Akeel Ali, reigned in first position for about twenty minutes of the race. On Akeel’s toes was young Zameer Ramoutar “aka Zed”, one slip up and walla, Akeel would be in second position. In third position was Steven Hosein. Akeel, Zameer and Steven were five seconds apart, their concentration was immense. Strangely enough, all three drivers were being managed by the same two man pit crew comprising of Neil and Jerome. These three would lead the race with Akeel holding 1st place until he had mechanical problems putting him down to 3rd, Zameer also had some problems with his transponder as it was missing laps but not giving up his dad/pitman told him to keep pushing. The driver who capitalized on this opportunity and finished in 1st place was Steven Hosein and Zameer Ramoutar holding the fastest lap of the day 38.667sec.

Results of Maximum Drive are as follow: -
1st Steven Hosein
2nd Zameer Ramoutar
3rd Akeel Ali
4th Morgan Lloyd
5th Dimitre Baboolal

At the end of the DIGG OUT

1st Steven Hosein Also took Top Qualifier (TQ)

1st Steven Hosein Also took Top Qualifier (TQ)

On Sunday 2nd April RCMOTT hosted our 2nd Nationals.The event was named DIGG OUT and what a DIGG OUT it was, more than one could imagine. The day started with the rebirth of the truggy class which brought faces like the Mclean brothers David and Scott also Jason Pillai. With 12 drivers registered, they then proceeded to get their equipment ready to, race and have fun to see who will make it to the top of the score board.

But, a sudden change of events, the Baboolal family had to withdraw. With Dimitre and Yosef Baboolal not being present, to make an impact to the score board leaving us with 10 drivers. As the event unfolded the 1st qualifies began with Steven Hosein setting the TQ pace for the field at 10/7.24, while Akeel Ali was just 0.04 sec. off his time. After the 1st qualifier we had some minor casualties with Jason and David having mechanical issues and Zameer having electrical issues. With the help of the number one Pitman (Neil Ramoutar), these three guys conquered their issues. all drivers were really digging deep on the track and in their souls to focus. At the end of the 3 qualifies Steven will hold onto the TQ and 1st on the start grid followed by Akeel, Nafees and Zameer in that order to start the final race (A Main).

Wetting the track didn't prove to be a plus for the other 6 drivers as the heat from the sun was evaporating the water, mere seconds after the drops touched the track. Their mission was to ensure that they come in the top four as only those four were eligible for the bump. The starting grid for the B Main drivers were as follow Morgan Lloyd, Jerome Gafoor, Scott Mclean, Jarod Johnson, David Mclean and Jason Pillai. These drivers drove the B main like their lives depended on it with Morgan, Jarod, Jerome and Scott getting bumped into the A Main race.

2nd Jerome Gafoor

2nd Jerome Gafoor

At the start of the 45 minutes A Main Jerome Gafoor took the lead for the 3 laps with Steven Hosein hot on heels followed by Morgan Lloyd. After the 4th lap Steven would hold the lead putting Jerome in 2nd place followed by Morgan with 10 year old Nafees Mohammed knocking on the door of Morgan, Scott will hold the 5th place, while on the 19th lap Jarod had mechanical issues putting him in the 8th position leaving Akeel and Zameer to duke it out for 6th and 7th position. As the clock counted down Steven started to have mechanical issues every time he came of the throttle his buggy would cut off give Jerome the chance to catch up but with the quick help of the pitman of the day Neil he was able to defend his position as 1st place.

3rd Morgan Lloyd

3rd Morgan Lloyd

At the end of the event the winners are as follow
1st Steven Hosein Also took Top Qualifier (TQ)
2nd Jerome Gafoor
3rd Morgan Lloyd

Putting Steven Hosein in the lead for the National Championship followed by Zameer Ramoutar and being consistent slowly coming up on the leaders is Nafees Mohammed

On Road Nationals Championship 01

RCMOTT will like to thank all it's members and well wishers for supporting the sport of model car racing.

At the end of the first round of national the sportsman class had 2 drivers Steven Hosein and Cameron Granderson being bumped into expert due to the consistency and able to stay ahead of the class. The sportsman drivers showed excellent improvement from last year. Jerome Atkins took the TQ for sportsman and also the 1st place finish while Jarod Johnson finished in second place and Gerel Granderson fought hard to maintain the 2nd place but had some mechanical problems which landed him the the 3rd place at the end of the event.


In the expert class it was all bout setting the pace from start to finish. Jerome Gafoor showed no fear on the track as he missed the 2 rounds of qualifiers on Saturday and only got a few practice rounds and the 3rd qualifier on Sunday morning to finish in 1st place in expert class while Jason Drysale took TQ and fought a great race but could not hold of the fearless Jerome Gafoor,  to finish in 2nd place, Garvin Granderson tried really hard to keep up with lead pack but it seems like he was a bit nervous when both Jerome and Jason kept speeding pass him to put him in 3rd place at the end of the event

RCMOTT will like to thank all the driver for coming out to another awesome event and look forward to seeing you at the next event,

Thank you and always remember Together Moving Forward

High Out Off Road event

Sunday 12 March 2017 was our first off road nationals for 2017 and as we can all say it was HIGH OUT from start to finish.

The maintenance to the jumps had you guys HIGH OUT, some even out the track but in all we had a great time. It was good to see everyone helping one another and even the young ones had the older guys laughing by making jokes and even marshaling when they could.

At the end of the first round of nationals Akeel Ali the defending champ of 2016 had some problems which were unforeseen,and seeing this opportunity young Zameer Ramoutar capitalized on this to finish in 1st place and also getting TQ for the event.But it didn't stop there, Steven Hosein who is taking some time off from circuit racing this year to focus more on RC after his experience at the 2016 IFMAR World Championship at Las Vega,finished in 2nd place and said that it wasn't easy keeping up with the young star. Finishing in 3rd place is Yosef Baboolal who had a really rough year in 2016. But said that he is determine to do a lot better this year.


We must not forget the 3 new young stars who have started this year with us Jarod Johnson, Nafees Mohammed and Amir Fonrose. These young star had the season drivers watching their back because any mistake and they were right their for the pass. Keep up the good work and get more practice you all are the future of the sport.

RCMOTT will like thank everyone for coming out on Sunday and hope to see you at the next off road event on 2nd April 2017.


Thank you for your support in building model car racing.

Many many thank to CWSL for helping make our offroad track the way it is...





For those of you with GT models RCMOTT will like to say the time is here for the 2017 on road race season so lets GET ON TRACK at the Dwight Yorke Stadium Bacolet Tobago 25-26 March 2017.

The schedule for this event is as follow

Friday 24th March the track will be open from 2pm for practice

Saturday 25th March 3 rounds of qualifies for both classes sportman and expert start time 10am

Sunday 26th March mains for both classes start time 10am

Registration is open http://www.rcmott.org/onroad/  so Get On Track and see you at Dwight Yorke Stadium Tobago

Off Road National Championship final standings

Some of us had predictions, premonitions or event gut feelings on what the final result was going to be after looking at the standings going into the final event, BUT none expected the result that was delivered on the final day of RCMOTT’s Off Road nationals 2016. The predictions, premonitions or event gut feelings were eventually classified as fallacies when the leaderboard was thrown into turmoil, triple points bonuses does that.

The day started with the Met office issuing a warning of intense heat, clearly the MET office was duly informed that RCMOTT was having an event and it was going to be heat in the place. With the warning of heat the day begun with heat of many kinds. Steve St Louis was the first victim of the anticipated heat as his electric powered buggy spontaneously combusted after two laps in the Electric Buggy race. Immediately the race was stopped and all efforts was taken to extinguish the smouldering buggy. This ended Steve’s campaign in the class. In nitro buggy Colin Coldero made a very early break ahead of the pack and secured TQ in round one, he was relentlessly hunted by Steve Hosein, who was a member of Team TnT for the 2016 IFMAR Worlds. By accident, Steven’s transponder ID was logged under Steve St Louis’s name, who was still dealing with a different kind of heat. Round 2 of qualifying would see championship leader Akeel Ali making a hard charge for TQ, but with varying problems he did not capture it. Akeel was constantly hunted by 9 year old Zameer Ramoutar and Morgan Lloyd during his run. The final round of qualifying would see Jerome Gafoor making a committed run, a miscalculation on fuel ended his run securing Colin’s TQ.

Neil mohammed would take the TQ in the electric class which also saw the debut of 10 year of Nafees Mohammed. Neil Mohammed would go on the win the double mains making him the Electric Buggy Champion of 2016. With the main grid set for Nitro Buggy, all racers were trying to gather their composure for the 45 minute main that would be heated even more than the day’s ambient temperature. Race director for the day, Kester Johnson made the call for down and quiet. At the sound of the tone the 10 finalists mercilessly launched their buggies into the first bend, flat over jump, full power down the short straight, right over jump, pitcher mound, heavy braking into the hairpin right……. nobody was giving a hair’s space to the other, the pace was already on. It was to the surprise of many that 9year old 1 Zameer Ramoutar was across the line first.

While everyone was battling and looking for a fast line around the track, the youngster masterfully weaved his way through the competitive mayhem and took the holeshot. Zameer, along with his mechanic/ pitman/mentor/father had made the trip to the IFMAR World championship in Las Vegas USA where he learnt many things pertaining to the sport of Off Road Model car racing, now, back at home, he was showing the locals how attentive he was while in Las Vegas. Steve Hosein, Jerome Gafoor, both were also in Las Vegas were holding the 2nd & 3rd spots respectively. Championship hopeful Colin Coldero had a mechanical failure and was out of contention early. The hard charging Akeel Ali was in hot pursuit of the Las vegas trio, but their pace was world class. For 30 minutes there was no change in the top 3, then a malfunctioning fuel gun left Jerome Gafoor with a half empty tank of fuel, he eventually stalled out for fuel giving the 3rd spot to Akeel Ali who was living in Jerome’s shadow. While the top 3 battled, Morgan Lloyd who had a bit of a fickle early on was now a man on a mission as he put every ounce of his skill & determination to reel in 5th place Dimitri Baboolal, who was also on a mission to keep his spot. This battle would continue to the end of the race without change. In the end, 9 year old Zameer Ramoutar took the most important win of his 3 year Off Road racing career with 56 laps in 45:05 minutes. The youngster compounded his win as he also set the fastest lap time of the main with a 39.174s lap. The youngster was lifted to victory by his jubilant team mates and fellow racers as they know this 9 year old is the man to beat in 2017.

With the series completed & the dust settled, the top 10 drivers eligible to represent Trinidad & Tobago in all IFMAR & FAMAR events for 2017 are: 

  1. 1st Akeel Ali- 701 pts
  2. 2nd Zameer Ramoutar- 682 pts
  3. 3rd Colin Coldero- 573 pts
  4. 4th Yusuf Baboolal- 552 pts
  5. 5th Dimitri Baboolal- 476 pts
  6. 6th Morgan Lloyd- 474 its
  7. 7th Steve St Louis- 459 pts
  8. 8th Jerome Gafoor- 400 pts
  9. 9th Yuri baboolal- 321 pts
  10. 10th Steve Hosein- 285 pts

RCMOTT congratulates these 10 drivers as well as all the other competitors who took the challenge for 2016. Don’t get comfortable, the 2017 off road season begins on Sunday 8th January 2017. See you there !!

On Road Nats #6 with Driver School...

Greeting RC enthusiast, I hope this message finds you well.

RCMOTT is pleased to inform you that registration for On Road Nats #6 is now open. Please click the link to register—> http://www.rcmott.org/onroad/

On Road Nats #6 will be the final race in the ON road series, consequently, this event will be a triple points event.

Mr. Rino Lino, designer and driver of the IGT8 Nitro Gt car will also be in attendance. Mr. Lino will hold a On Road clinic on Saturday 5th November from 12.00pm. The clinic will cover, set up, tuning, tire selection, driving tips and much more. The cost for Saturday’s clinic is TTD$50.00 The clinic is open to all RC users, members or non members. Please note, the track will not be open for practice on Saturday, only participants of the clinic will be allowed on the track.

Time is ticking away, get your tickets booked and get ready for a explosive day of racing as Rino sets out to break the current lap record of 18.243 while holding off the might of Trinidad & Tobago.

See you there!

RCMOTT Best Regards

Jerome Gafoor Chairman/ Interim PRO RCMOTT Ato Boldon Stadium Preysal, Couva Trinidad & Tobago West Indies www.rcmott.org 1.868.366.6878

Bring any RC you have, Crawler, Truck, Buggy, Truggy, Short Course....

For some time now RCMOTT has noticed that RC racing has become very very competitive.
So competitive that we’ve lost the essence of why we got into this sport altogether.

RCMOTT, wants everyone, racer, thrill seeker and first timers to have FUN, so without further hesitation,

RCMOTT will have make the next 4 Sundays into “Squeezedays”. Both RCMOTT tracks, the off road track at the Ato Boldon Stadium and the On Road track at the Dwight Yorke Stadium will be available to our members, non- members & all RC hobbyists for FREE.

That’s right, from 2pm for the next 4 “Squeezedays” we invite everyone with a RC, to come take a squeeze with us at our track.
Bring any RC you have, Crawler, Truck, Buggy, Truggy, Short Course, nitro, Electric, gasoline, it really does not matter, as long as you have an RC, bring it out and come take a squeeze with us.

Not only will we make the track available to everyone, some of our Expert racers will be on site to offer free advice.
Some of the leading names in our sport will be there, in Tobago there will be Garvin “Gru” Granderson & Jason “Cuddles” Drysdale
Trinidad based expert racers, Steve “Dawg” St. Louis, Jason “Dolls” Dollaway, Akeel “Madman” Ali, Colin “Sloppy” Coldero, Zameer “Uncle Z” Ramoutar, Jason “Wong” Chin Sang and others will all be at the track on different Squeezedays to offer tips on driving, equipment choice & other RC related topics.

Take advantage of this opportunity and have some great fun doing what we all love, DRIVING!!

Best Regards

Jerome Gafoor
Ato Boldon Stadium
Preysal, Couva
Trinidad & Tobago
West Indies

Race Days Update...

Greeting, I hope this message finds you well.


As you are aware, Trinidad & Tobago is currently experiencing unpredictable weather, as such, the dates and locations for the remaining national events have been planned with this in mind.

Consideration has been given to the possible window of the “Pettit Carim” season, however, the possibility of a rainout is possible.

Should a rainout occur on the day of the event before any qualifying has begun, the racers who have paid entry fee will be awarded attendance points.

If there was one complete round of qualifying, points will be awarded based on the overall finishing positions based on that round of qualifying.

If there are less than 4 entries in the Electric classes, that class will not be run, however, if the competitors for the electric class is present on race day and marshal or assist in a official capacity, they will be awarded their attendance points.

Should any competitor/member wish to pay their entry fee in advance, membership fees or any other financial transaction, that competitor/member should contact the Mr. Faizal Ali, who will receive such funds and issue a receipt.

Mr. Ali can be contacted at 1-868-785-6704.

Listed below are the dates and locations for the remaining national races & one day tournaments, both On Road & Off Road.

Off Road events On Road event

Nats #5 14th August- Ato Bolbon Stadium Nats #5 18th September- Dwight Yorke Stadium, Tobago

Nats #6 28th August- Ato Boldon Stadium Nats #6 9th October- Ato Boldon Stadium

Nats #7 double points11th September- Ato Boldon Stadium Nats #7 Double points 6th November- Dwight Yorke Stadium, Tobago (Official Caribbean launch of IGT8 Red, with Rino Lino & Will Carerra, invitational)  

One day tournament 4th December- Siparia Grand Prix, Daisy Voisin Hub, Siparia

Should you have any questions related to the contents of this message, please contact the undersigned for handling.

Best Regards
Jerome Gafoor
Ato Boldon Stadium,
Preys, Couva


What a fantastic day of On Road RC Racing.
From the depths of our hearts, all of us at RCMOTT, members, executives and supporters would like to thank Mr. Inshan Ishmael, Chairman & the members of the executive committee of the Baraka Foundation for the opportunity to use their magnificent facility.
If you missed out on today’s stellar action, feel free to peruse the resul
— Jerome Gafoor