Extreme 8

That's right friends, the off road track is back up and running!

Without missing a beat we will go into the first race for this part of the year, this will be the Extreme 8

Extreme 8, what is this you ask?
Well, there are going to be 3 qualifying rounds in each class, from the qualifying rounds the eight fastest, most consistent, most reliable, best preforming drivers and machine will go into the A main for their class, all other drivers go into the B main of that class.

What are the classes? I'm glad you asked, because this is a curve ball event, this event is open to only 1/8th buggy and truggy, the curve ball is this, there will be no separation of power sources, that's right, run what you brung!

But, we have a small technicality, quote a few folks have not bought transponders, so, we don't want to leave these kind people out.
We will have 3 races for non transponder equipped models, we will use the old tick off system and let the folks have some fun.
For this races it does not matter what you have, buggy, truggy, truck, short course, law mover, plane, fish tank, we ent business, it have no transponder, it running in one class!
SO everyone knows, NO transponder equipped registered vehicle will be allowed to run in this class and no vehicle WITHOUT a transponder will be allowed to run in the other classes, anyone caught infringing on the fun of others will be expelled from the event- NO IF'S, NO BUT'S, NO CITATIONS

The track open from 10.30am and first qualifier starts at 12.00pm, from there on we will set the stage for an "Extreme" racing.

On Thursday of this week we will transmit the length of each qualifier, the length of the races in the respective mains and the various areas of reconigition that will receive awards.

Entry fee for this event is TT$100.00, member pay 1/2.

If you have any questions, please, keep it to yourself, well, that is until you see the schedule on Thursday, after which, you can feel free to bombard us with your questions.

So, until Thursday, stay safe and get those machines ready for some action.


Best regards

Jerome Gafoor