Extreme 8 format

So, it's Thursday and you wanna know how the thing gonna happen, well, tek ur time & read below nah---

Entry fee is TT$100.00 for the first class, TT$75.00 for each additional class, RCMOTT members pay 1/2.

Same day registration is TT$25.00 MORE per class, this fee is not discountable to RCMOTT members.

The following racing format is only for buggies & truggies equipped with functioning transponders.

No driver who has entered in another class with a functioning transponder will be allowed to race in the non-transponder class.


ALL DRIVERS ARE REQUIRED TO MARSHAL, if you do not marshal a round 2 laps will be removed from the round you did not marshal for.


A main drivers will marshal for non transponder races, non transponder drivers will marshal for B main races & B main drivers will marshal for A main races.

Your name will be called for the round you MUST marshal for.

1 sets of qualifying rounds 5 minutes long
1 sets of qualifying rounds 7 minutes long
1 set of qualifying round 9 minutes long

Vehicles without transponders will have no qualifying session, their ceding for grid position will be done by pulling a number. 

When the qualifiers are over and drivers are graded this will be the race times for the Non transponder, B main & A main.

Round 1
Non Transponder class Race#1- 10 minutes Long
B main race #1- 10 minutes long
A main race #1- 15 minutes long

Round 2
Non Transponder class Race#2- 15minutes Long
B main race #2- 15 Minutes long
A main race #2- 25 minutes long

Round 3
Non Transponder class Race#3- 20 minutes Long
B main race #3- 20 Minutes long
A main race #3- 35 minutes long

Awards are as follows

Rookie of the day

Top Qualifier in Buggy & Truggy.

1st, 2nd & 3rd in each class

An award for the single fastest hot lap of the day, who say pace?!

This event is sponsored by RCTnT Ltd, Haztec Ltd & Habanero Pepper-Sauce Co. Ltd.

Thank you for your support of a growing sport in TnT.

Best regards

Jerome Gafoor