2014 last set of events

Good morning to all, 2014 is rapidly heading to the end.
With 2015 on the horizon RCMOTT is getting ready to embrace it.

We will have 3 more events planned and then the closure of the track, more on the closure in a bit......

November 9th will be a timed test & tune evening, the timing system will be up from 1.00pm until dark.

November 16th will be Off Road Enduro

December 7th is The Grudge, Buggy vs Truggy vs SC vs Electric VS Nitro

After the last event the track will be closed and works will begin on laydown a new track.

Expect a lot of changes, a departure from the old designs.
Look forward to a track much like those in Europe, surface changes, elevation changes, drop offs, pitcher's mounds and much more.

Membership payments for 2015 can be made on December 7th.

As the date draws closer to each event more details will be sent out via email.

So, start getting those off road machines prepped and tuned, it's gonna be stellar!!

Best regards

Jerome Gafoor