RCMOTT in conjunction with X-Faktor

Well, with all the rains the off road track is currently out of service, soooo, we're taking it to the jean Pierre Complex this weekend.

RCMOTT in conjunction with X-Faktor will host this weekend's Road March on Road racing.

Saturday is the Test & Tune session, all persons, members or non members pay $20.00.

Sunday from 10.00am is qualifying, Fees start at $150.00 for the first class, $75.00 for each additional class, RCMOTT, X-Faktor & QPS members pay 1/2.

RCMOTT will only be handling timing at this event, all rules, regulations, fees and other adminstrative matters are to be address to Mr. Darion Ford of X-Faktor RC Club.

We will be using the tennis courts for this event, it's smooth and grippy!

So, here's to a successful race day to all!

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Road March on Road Racing Jean Pierre Complex P.O.S.

Entry Fee will be $150.00 for your first class and $75.00 for each additional class you choose to run.
Same day registration $200.00 first class, $100.00 second class.
Members of RCMOTT, QPS & X-Faktor pay 1/2

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