RC reporter for Event 13 April 2014

RC reporter for RCOTT event 13 April 2014

RC reporter here good day to all. Well who didn’t come to RCOTT’s grand reopening of the offroad track yesterday 13 April 2014 missed out bad bad bad on a chance to mix it up with some old players and new game changers. The proceedings got off on schedule with good weather and some dark clouds way off in the distance.

Those who came to the track a few weeks ago met a different surface yesterday and their suspensions and tire choices were severely tested. All during the week leading up to the event, there was gun talk on the social media back and forth so now was the time to show if your bite was as good as your bark at the sound of the BEEP. This was the first offroad event using the timing system so now there was a way to know fastest lap so men were gunning for that with the occasional launch of a truggy or buggy and in the midst of all that were the youngest members 7yrs and 11yrs with the 7yr old trying offroad competition for the first time, once every body settled down and got accustomed to the new surface the driving was clean and precise.

As usual the entry list for buggy and truggy had 95% nitro but the electrics were holding their own and that set the stage for the final showdown later on. Now while every body was busy with competition remember the dark clouds, well they snuck up on the proceedings when no one was looking and took the light with them so the program had to be shortened to be able to do the feature event the outlaw.

The outlaw is anything that could run and in this case was 1/10th short course and 1/8 buggys and truggys nitro and electric and since the schedule was shortened it was bumped from 15mins to 20mins. As usual the electrics would be at a disadvantage due to battery life so the nitro boys were in their glee because they had no such issue…pit stop for them is all of 5secs or less while a battery change is 30-45secs at best but the electrics dived in and it was on.

From the word go by the second corner coming out of the dust an electric was out front and a short course at that too with the charging pack hot on his heels and he was opening up some distance and the other electrics were in between coming up in position but this race was 20mins so eventually the positions started shuffling. The electrics had to pit for their battery change so they dropped down the leaderboard and out of contention but they clawed their way back and much to the nitro boys surprise and dismay took the entire podium.

The prize giving was just as enjoyable as the event with the electric boys throwing talk for the nitro boys it was enjoyable fun and laughter. The day was enjoyed by all and those who retired in the heat of battle fought the good fight so now is to get ready for the next event…stay tuned.