A word from the President/PRO

Good morning citizens of the RC world!!

With the religious bazaar out of the way we move forward to our eagerly anticipated event, 'Moove Nah".

Registration continues, so if you want to register here's the link -->http://www.rcott.org/pre-registration

There has been some questions as to the status of this event, if it's championship or one day, well, it actually BOTH!

For 2014 and onwards all RCOTT events are points scoring once all three main classes are running, buggy, truggy & Short Course.
Only financial members are eligible to score points that go towards their over all positions in their respective classes.

Will we be mixing the classes, YES we will. Until the electric classes have been fully subscribed we will continue to mix.
Will we decrease the time for mixed classes, NO. All 1/8th races are based on the time set for that class, if it's a nitro class, no race will be less than 15 minutes.
If I do not have a transponder can i run? YES you can. However, the old system of humans doing the checking is gone, so i you run, it's going to be for fun or practice.

The maximum amount of person in any one class will be 10 with a mean of 11. Should there be more, it's qualifier time!

Racing starts at 12.30pm this Sunday, we suggest you get in early to have your transponder logged and get a feel for the track.

So, here's to seeing all of you on Sunday.

have a safe and productive week.


Jerome Gafoor