Good night RC people!! I bring you the results from Friday's RCOTT Off Road Event.


But, before I go into that, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to Richard Spencer.

Richard's grandmother passed on Thursday last week, we wish he and his family health & strength in this time of grief


For those of you who attended you would know Friday's "Look Nah" event was full of surprises.


Firstly, the track! Two new jumps were added, which is not really a biggie, but one of those jumps was a son of a gun!!!

Added to that, the track got a layer of sand to fill in the rutted sectors, which was great, but, the grip at time was immense :-) ,  then gone :-(


To be honest, we don't think there is a perfect tires set up right now, but none the less, racers forged on.


Another big surprise, MONSTER TRUCK!! Yes, the big wheeled fun loving monster truck seems to be making a comeback!

We had 4 monster truck on Friday, but sadly, only 2 were able to start and compete, kudos to the Mclean boys for their monster truck performance.


Another surprise, Electric Truggy, there is now 3 E-Truggy competing, should 1 more E-truggy appear these guys will have their own class, and word has it, another E-truggy is coming our very soon.


I know, yall wanna see the results..........but not yet, we have a couple public service announcements to make.


Friday's event marked the end of RCOTT's 1st season, overall championship positions will be tabulated and announce within a week.

With the end of the season, RCOTT will conduct some immediate works on the track, we promise, no more jumps, YET. But we will be adding more dirt to specific areas

and raising a few corners to improve visibility.


In fairness to all competitor there was not any rule changes as the season had started, but, there will be a few changes before the start of season 2.

These changes will related directly to permissible tires in all classes, weight and penalties for not marshalling.


When you review the results you will see that we have no sorted out the timing system and is able to deliver results to the hundredth of a second. having said this, we will also amend the rule book to represent racing on a time basis vs fixed laps.


Details on all changes will be sent well before the start of season 2.


Now, unto the results, as you all know, RCOTT is moving to having all forms, rules & results being online for all to see, so with no futher delay, follow this link for the results from Friday's event==> http://www.rcott.org/rr300514



The dates & locations for season 2 will be announced within the next 2 weeks, so, get to prepping, we assure you, season 2 is going to be a hum dinger!!!!


So, until we meet at the track again, be safe, be productive and have fun!!!


Best regards



Jerome Gafoor