Couva Super Six On Road Race Update

Monday 12th January, 2015

Update- Couva Super Six On Road race.

RCMOTT would like to clarify some of the particulars of this event, listed below are the points of concern and the definitons.

1- Of Road races, there is NO race in which of road models will be running with GT cars. 2- Of Road models wil be separated by power source, bugy, trugy, short course and

monster truck wil al be run together as separated per power source.

3- Of road models can use any tire for this event, slicks, radials or foams.

4- GT cars can use and transmision up to 3 forward gears.

5- Shaft or belt driven GT cars is permisible for this event.

6- Al time keping wil be done via a MyLaps RC2 timing system, as such all competiors are

required to have a compatible transponder afixed to their models. For detailed information on

compatible transponders, please folow this link-> htp:/

7- The track wil be ready for practice from 9.0am, the first qualifer starts at 1.0am.

8- Oficials for the day is as folow:- Race Director- Mr. Jerome Gafor

Qualifying wil be continuous until al clases have ben qualifed.

9- To the minute, 6 persons have already registered, it is going to be a very competive day.

Time keping and results- Mrs. Tricia Chin Sang

Administrative operations- Mr. Ray Manbodh & Mrs. Farisha Ramoutar

Please have a fun and enjoyable day!

Best Regards

J. Gafor