Greting to everyone, with the return of sunshine to TnT RC enthusiasts have been getting restless and neding to get out and have some fun. Unfortunately the of road track is not yet ready for another 2 weks. In this time of of road despair Mr. Christopher Bisondath (aka Chris, crazyman) has come to the rescue!

Chris has built a track at his home in Cascade, St. An’s and has invited the members of the of road RC community to come and have a day out on his track. On Sunday 25th January RCMOT wil head to the hils of St. An’s where we wil have a day out. The plan is to met at Chris’s place for 12.30-1.0pm and run until night sets in. If you recal, in 2014 there was an of road event in which Scot Mc Clean destroyed al the competitors in the grassroots class, wel, Chris’s track is Scot’s home track!

RCMOT wil bring along the timing system for those who have transponders to test heir gear, but, transponder are not necesary. There wil be a smal contribution of T$20.0 per driver, this fe goes towards the maintenance of Chris’s yard. Chris wil be providing toilet facilties, electricity and some covered area. We sugest o walk with a 10’x10’, your table and a couple chairs if you have such and a 50’ extension cord.

Chris wil also have a bar-b-que pit onsite should you wish to “bun something”, Chris is also open to making a cook, be it a pot of pelau, cow hel soup, cury duck etc... if this is in your scope, please contact Chris and plan your menu, but we encourage you to bring your coler! As the day progreses we wil have some 5-10 minute races and a few fun races such as, buggy vs trugy, short course vs monster truck, the pit man race, fastest last etc.... PLEASE NOTE- this is not a competitive day and is a fun and family day, the only prize will be your enjoyment!

Listed below are a few pics of the track and a gogle map of the location, we have also included

Chris’s phone number should you ned directions.

Christopher Bisondath- 1-868-347-4890

Chris and RCMOT warmly invite you and yours to come out on Sunday, met other folks in RC,

drive your car and have a day of RC & fun!

Best Regards


J. Gafor