RCMOTT's "Siparia Grand Prix" recap

Sometimes when rain falls, all you can do is eat cake. For young speedster Zameer Ramoutar, it was an even more special day as he proved that one can certainly have his cake and eat it too!

It was on Sunday December 13 at the final event in the RCMOTT race calendar for 2015, dubbed the "Siparia Grand Prix" that Zameer, along with a field of RC competitors who have been at it all year long, came out despite what could be at best described as inclement weather, to do battle on some very wet tarmac at the Daisy Voisin Hub in Siparia, Trinidad.

The official proceedings went off without hitch but then the skies opened up and provided a good 'small sweat' for those who were called to assist in drying up the track in order to get the races underway.

The first two of three rounds of qualifying passed very quickly, but noticeably without eight year old Zameer who had an unfortunate servo failure at the very last minute during practice. Of course that would not stop Team Ramoutar as both Zameer and his dad, Joseph aka Neil pulled up just in time to put down a time in the final qualifying round.

The event saw four qualifying races per round; one electric GT and three nitro GT. Reigning King of Siparia Steve St. Louis, like most of the field was struggling to master the ever-changing surface conditions as the track repeatedly moved from dry, to wet, to damp, to dry and back to wet! Lap times however became progressively faster and by the third qualifying round, one or two racers were into sub-twelve second lap times.

What was carded as a fifteen minute interval between qualifiers and mains turned into a full lunch time as once again, mother nature decided that the most of Siparia, inclusive of the Daisy Voisin Hub, was in need of a proper drenching.

Despite the rains never fully letting up, the determination of those who chose to deem themselves as racers prevailed and a second round of track maintenance was re-enacted. Working against the clock, race director Jason Chin Sang reduced the time of all the mains, by consent of the racers. The C-main saw Zameer taking the bump to the B-main, which he then repeated, moving to the A-main finale.

With just twenty minutes for the final race - less than half of what would have actually been under ideal conditions, the competitors got tremendous crowd support and cheer from their defeated B and C-main rivals; something almost unique to the sporting discipline of RC racing...and an admirable one at that.

The race got underway with good enough pace, and it soon became evident that it was really a two-man affair between Zameer Ramoutar, on the doorstep of his ninth birthday, and Tobagonian speedster Garvin Grandeson. At this stage, weather was no longer a concern as one could no longer discern beads of perspiration from settled droplets of water on the opponents faces.

Grandeson and Ramoutar piloted their vehicles lap after lap, in what seemed a whirlwind dance of furious pace. Grandeson's expressionless face was equally met by Ramoutar's youthful gaze. At every corner, Grandeson was there to remind Zameer what a mistake would cost him, but at the glimpse of every opportunity to take the lead, the kid shut the door mercilessly on the Tobagonian.

Sadly, it was just not meant to be on that day for Garvin. Just as a coin has two sides, Grandeson's race could have landed either way but an unfortunate disruption to the coefficient of his vehicle's tyre friction, resulted in both his luck and his car spinning out in a despairing attempt at robbing Ramoutar of top honours.

And so, to much fanfare, precipitation and pure brilliance on the track, Zameer Ramoutar took the win and celebrated the eve of his birthday with friends and family as the Prince of Siparia...leaving a few more, including the person of Mr. Garvin Grandeson to give unto him the affectionate and respectful accolade of "Uncle Zameer"!