as we get ready...On_Road

Good morning to all
Registration continues for I Am-The RC on road event
RCMOTT has arranged a drivers stand, portable toilets, security, a burger cart & awesome trophies.
All this would not be possible without our sponsors, Balou Engineering, Green Beret Security services, Square Root Maintenance, RCTnT, Sotech, Habanero Pepper Sauce.
Prepare for one of the most intense on road rc event of 2015
The odds will be out, can Steve defend his win from last weekend?
Jason Chin Sang, Jason Dollaway & Jerome Gafoor all proved capable of taking top honors.
But, joining the the battle on the 22nd will be Colin Coldero, Victor Whiby & Akeel Ali, all in well prepared fast machines.
Word had spread that the Spencer clan has acquired a nitro car, will they debut at I Am?