RCMOTT's September of Speed (update)

Greeting RC enthusiast!

RCMOTT's September of Speed is rapidly approaching and we wanted to remind you of a few things.

1. A constituted class must have no less that 4 registered competitors, the cut off date for constituted classes is 12.00 midday 16th September 2015
The following classes have been constitued- Nitro GT, Electric GT, 1/8th Nitro Touring

2. Registration for this event officially closes at midday 19th September 2015.
There is no late fee penalty, no same day registration. Race day will proceed only with those who have registered.
If you did not register, unfortunately you will not be racing.
Entry fees can be made in advance at any branch of Scotia bank.
Account name- RCMOTT
Account number- 4014863
From 1.00pm on 19th September 2015 you can log ontowww.m.liverc.com/rcmott/events and you will find the classes and registered participants.

3. Should a competitor be found guilty of wreckless driving or malicious bouncing/hitting, this driver will have a single warning, after which the next
infringement will attract a 5 second stop and go penalty in the penalty box. Each other infringement will be increased by and additional 5 second, eg. 
1st penalty 5 sec, 2nd penalty 10 sec....etc..
For any RC event to be successful there must be marshals, in the past we have had many situations where drives lost positions due to the lack of
marshals, to ensure that marshaling is taken of and all drivers are fairly serviced the following penalty will be imposed.
3 laps will be deducted from every round of your race if you do not marshal when it is your turn. 
Marshals are required to be on the track before the sound of the starter.

The benchmark for being late is the start of the first qualifier of the day, if you arrive and qualifying has started, you will be considered late. As such
all later starters will start with a deficit of 3 laps. If you are going to be late you must call the race director of the day and personally inform the race
director. This action will ensure you are not penalized. The race director's number for 20th September 2015 is- 1-868-765-9189

4. Race format will be as follows, all classes will have 3 rounds of qualifying @ 5minutes a round. 
Drivers will have 3 minutes warm up prior to the start of the qualifier. 
Grading will be done on the "Rocket Lap" method, meaning all drivers will be graded on their single fastest lap.
A Main races will constitute of 8 naturally qualified drivers & 2 bump ups from the B main.

5. The order in which races will be run & race time for the various mains are as follows.
Nitro GT B main- 25 minutes
Electric GT A Main- 10 minutes
Nitro 1/8th Touring- 20 minutes
Nitro GT A main- 45 minutes

Thank you for taking time to read and understand the contents of this message, however, should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Best regards

Jerome Gafoor
Chairman/ Interim PRO