Nationals Race #1 is now open...

Good Day to you All, RCMOTT is pleased to announce registration to Nationals Race #1 is now open, -->

This event will be held at the Paved Car Park of the Eddy Hart Grounds, Tacarigua.

The track will be exact same layout as sued in Clean Sweep. The track will be swept and traction aiding compounds applied.

In an effort to streamline & speed up registration activities on race day we are asking the following-
1. if possible, please pay your entry fee and pitspace online via paypal,RCMOTT's paypal info is - 
2. nitro cars, please have your ins box set up to be removed for verification of your restrictor (7mm)
3. please ensure your nitro has no fuel in the tank when it is being inspected.

For the convenience of all, we have attached a copy of RCMOTT's current rules, please let us know if you have any questions related to the contents of this message.
Questions and queries should be sent to

We look forward to your support and participation in RC racing in Trinidad & Tobago.

Best Regards

Jerome Gafoor