Registration to "Clean Sweep" is now open...

Good Day, registration to "Clean Sweep" is now open.

RCMOTT will be running three classes, Nitro GT, Electric GT & 1/8th On Road
While the subscriptions for GT will exceed the minimum constitution numbers, we don't foresee a high registration of 1/8th On road cars.

However, we will run 1/8th on road with the numbers that it attracts as we plan to develop this class.

Clean Sweep will also mark the commissioning of the walk behind sweeper, an asset that will become irreplaceable to our On Road events.

With grip levels being significantly higher than we are used to, RCMOTTwill be not issuing points towards the National Standings at this event.
Prizes will be distributed to all participants who finish in 1st, 2nd & 3rd position in A main and B main of their respective classes.
Prizes will be given out for fastest lap of the day and Top Qualifier (TQ)  in each class.

The contractor for the driver's stand assure us the stand will be ready for use from 9.00am, pits will be in place by 8.00am

Racing is carded to start at 11.30am should all conditions favor us.

Walk prepared for a fun day of racing and camaraderie on one of Trinidad's best surfaces.

Best Regards

Jerome Gafoor