Honorable Minister of Sport, Darryl Smith to visit us

Greetings to you and yours, I do hope your day is filled with joy, happiness and good health.

On Sunday 13th March 2016 RCMOTT 20+ racers will take to the Off Road RC track at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva to contest National Off Road Race #2.
We expect to see a drastic drop in lap times as the track will be swept of all loose materials. 
A cleaner track surface paired with the refacing of the jumps will definitely lead to a much more competitive day of racing for all.


Added to this day of competition and fun will be several guests of honor.

The Honorable Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, Mr. Darryl Smith will be present to witness the days proceedings.
The minister will be accompanied by two of his advisers.

Mr. Anthony Blake, Executive Manager, Facilities Department of the Sport Company of Trinidad & Tobago will also be present, he will be accompanied by
Mr. Jeffery John, Facility Manager, Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva
Ms. Ostra Trotman, Facility Manager, Dwight York Stadium, Tobago
Mr. Raj Ramtahal, Senior Manager, maintenance  dept, Facilities, Sport Company of Trinidad & Tobago 

We have been advised that the Minister and his entourage  should arrive at the track for 11.00am, who will deliver the opening speech for the day's proceedings.

The minister will also have the opportunity to try his hand at RC racing, who knows what can happen!!

RCMOTT urges all competitors, supporters and well wishers to arrive to the track as early as possible so we can all greet the Minister with a warm welcome to our humble facility.

Should you have any questions regarding the content of this message, please direct your questions torcmott2014@gmail.com.

Best Regards

Jerome Gafoor