2nd National Off Road RC Race Report

The Radio Controlled Model Organization of Trinidad & Tobago hosted their 2nd National Off Road RC race at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Preysal, Couva on Sunday 13th March 2016.

The event was attended by and officially opened by the Honorable Minister of Sport & Youth Affairs, Mr. Darryl Smith. 

Accompanying the minister was his adviser, Mr. Garvin Warwick, Ministry of Sport Chairman Michael Phillip, Facilities Manager at the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Anthony Blake and several other senior officials of the Sport Company of Trinidad & Tobago. The Minister and his team was greeted by RCMOTT’s chairman Mr. Jerome Gafoor, Vice Chairman Joseph Ramoutar and other members of RCMOTT management team as well as the membership of RCMOTT.

The minister was given a walk around the pit areas where he was warmly greeted by all; he was also given a tour of the 16,000 sq/ft off road race course as well as an opportunity to test his skills at Off Road model car racing.

 9 year old Zameer Ramoutar gleefully challenged the minister and Mr. Warwick to some laps around the track, but this veteran 9 year old proved to be a bit too much to handle for the minister and Mr. Warwick, with some more practice they will soon be able to challenge the 9 year old, but on this day, Zameer Ramoutar took the win.

The Minister was presented with a token of appreciation from the members of RCMOTT as well as a thank you hamper from one of RCMOTT’s ongoing sponsors, Habanero Pepper Sauce Co. Ltd, he and his team then settled in for lunch to witness the racing.There were two classes run on the day of the event, 1/8th Nitro buggy and 1/8th Electric buggy. The electric class had veteran driver Steve St Louis facing several new comers, who had obviously been practicing as their talent would match the veteran during qualifying, after the end of qualifying Steve would narrowly take Top Qualifier (TQ) and start in position #1. After 3 rounds of intense battling, relative new comer Ryan Rajpaulsingh would take the class win, with Steve in second and Tashvine Ali in third.

The Nitro Buggy class was filled with many season veterans, including the 2015 champion, Colin Coldero. Qualifying saw an intense battle between Colin, Akeel Ali, 9 year Zameer Ramoutar & Suresh Kanhai. Colin would take Top Qualifier, but just barely. The following ½ main battles would then ensue, another veteran Jerome Gafoor would be paired against new talent, Yuri Baboolal & Yusuf Baboolal, The pair applied constant  pressure and tested Jerome for the full 30 minutes of the ½ main, all three advanced into the finals with Yuri taking the win.

In the second ½ main the action was breath taking as it was filled with several experienced drivers and the visiting “Island Heat Squad” from Tobago. Tobagonians Garvin Granderson & Jason Drysdale would dig deep into their skills reserve to secure the final 3 positions in the finals. Ultimately, Steve St Louis would take the win with Tobagonian Jason Drysdale taking 2nd and Dimitri Baboolal from Team Babootak taking 3rd. Garvin would affectionately earn the nickname “Bradaff” after this round.

The 45 minute final started with blistering pace,  Akeel Ali made a early break with 9 year old Zameer aggressively perusing him followed by  Colin Coldero.  However, like any other sport, model car racing does feel the devices of attrition and Akeel Ali suffered engines problems in the 8th minute, his teammates, Zameer and Jerome also started experiencing various mechanical issues leaving Colin Coldero to take a comfortable lead. Akeel would eventually rejoin the race to finish in 5th position. 

Colin was aggressively hunted by the sole Tobago native, Jason Drydale, the pair remained in close battle for 12 minutes and was separated by 23 seconds, one mistake by Colin and Dryasdale was within striking range to capitalize. But the opportunity never came &  Drysdale would encounter electrical gremlins, he eventually finished in 4th.

New Comer and first time competitor Yuri Baboolal from “Team Babootak” would take up the challenge of trying to relieve the 2015 champ of the top spot, but Colin showed why he’s the champ, and dominated the rest of the race to take the win by 7 laps over the 2nd place finisher Yuri Baboolal. Suresh Kanhai another vetran finished in 4th. Colin also set the fastest lap of the day with a blistering 39.897 seconds. After 2 rounds of competition Colin Coldero leads the Nitro Buggy championship, 20 points behind is Akeel Ali, Dimitri Baboolal holds 3rd overall. Ryan Rajpaulsingh leads Electric Buggy by 15 points over Steve St Louis with Tashvine Ali in 3rd. 

RCMOTT’s National Off Road Race #3 is carded for Sunday April 3rd at the Off Road Track, Ato Boldon Stadium, Preysal 

Couva, racing starts from 10.30am.

For more information on model car racing, contact RCMOTT at rcmott2014@gmail.com or 333-9004.


Jerome Gafoor