Bring any RC you have, Crawler, Truck, Buggy, Truggy, Short Course....

For some time now RCMOTT has noticed that RC racing has become very very competitive.
So competitive that we’ve lost the essence of why we got into this sport altogether.

RCMOTT, wants everyone, racer, thrill seeker and first timers to have FUN, so without further hesitation,

RCMOTT will have make the next 4 Sundays into “Squeezedays”. Both RCMOTT tracks, the off road track at the Ato Boldon Stadium and the On Road track at the Dwight Yorke Stadium will be available to our members, non- members & all RC hobbyists for FREE.

That’s right, from 2pm for the next 4 “Squeezedays” we invite everyone with a RC, to come take a squeeze with us at our track.
Bring any RC you have, Crawler, Truck, Buggy, Truggy, Short Course, nitro, Electric, gasoline, it really does not matter, as long as you have an RC, bring it out and come take a squeeze with us.

Not only will we make the track available to everyone, some of our Expert racers will be on site to offer free advice.
Some of the leading names in our sport will be there, in Tobago there will be Garvin “Gru” Granderson & Jason “Cuddles” Drysdale
Trinidad based expert racers, Steve “Dawg” St. Louis, Jason “Dolls” Dollaway, Akeel “Madman” Ali, Colin “Sloppy” Coldero, Zameer “Uncle Z” Ramoutar, Jason “Wong” Chin Sang and others will all be at the track on different Squeezedays to offer tips on driving, equipment choice & other RC related topics.

Take advantage of this opportunity and have some great fun doing what we all love, DRIVING!!

Best Regards

Jerome Gafoor
Ato Boldon Stadium
Preysal, Couva
Trinidad & Tobago
West Indies