Maximum Drive: wet to dry...

On Sunday 21st May 2017, RCMOTT hosted its 3rd National Off Road Championship; Maximum Drive, was the name of the event. The morning started out wet as the overnight rain had the track water logged in some places, but with the help of the members the water mysteriously vanished and as our saying goes ask and you shall receive. Boom within an hour or so guess what, our prayers were answered the sun came out and dried the rest of the track. We all looked up to the sky and said “Thank you God”. The drivers wasted no time in getting on the track, to verify that there setup was on point. 

As qualifying began, some drivers came to the conclusion that, they didn’t have the correct tyres for this, tacky track condition. Jarod Johnson would go on the win Top Qualifier (TQ) in the first round of qualifiers doing 10 laps in 7.39sec. As the track began to dry up the drivers began to step the pace with Steven Hosein taking the TQ position away from Jarod Johnson in the second round of qualifiers doing 10 laps in 7.32sec. But that would soon be short lived as Akeel Ali went into Maximum Drive to win TQ in the third round of qualifiers doing 10 laps in 7.00mins flat. Trailing Akeel was Zameer Ramoutar with 10 laps in 7.09sec. 
At the end of the qualifiers, Akeel Ali walked away with the title of Top Qualifier (TQ). Both Akeel Ali and Zameer Ramoutar qualified directly into the A Main. The B Main started with eight drivers, only the top four drivers of this race were privileged to get the bump to the A Main. The B Main race showed to be quite a challenge for some of the drivers, like Jerome Gafoor who had a servo failure, Nafees Mohammed with engine problems and young Amir Fonrose also with servo failure. But, at the end of the B Main the top 4 drivers were Jarod Johnson, Steven Hosein, Morgan Lloyd and Dimitre Baboolal.

45 mins was the time allotted for the A Main Race. The drivers were eager to start as everyone was looking for that win to move them up the leader board. At the start of the race Akeel Ali, reigned in first position for about twenty minutes of the race. On Akeel’s toes was young Zameer Ramoutar “aka Zed”, one slip up and walla, Akeel would be in second position. In third position was Steven Hosein. Akeel, Zameer and Steven were five seconds apart, their concentration was immense. Strangely enough, all three drivers were being managed by the same two man pit crew comprising of Neil and Jerome. These three would lead the race with Akeel holding 1st place until he had mechanical problems putting him down to 3rd, Zameer also had some problems with his transponder as it was missing laps but not giving up his dad/pitman told him to keep pushing. The driver who capitalized on this opportunity and finished in 1st place was Steven Hosein and Zameer Ramoutar holding the fastest lap of the day 38.667sec.

Results of Maximum Drive are as follow: -
1st Steven Hosein
2nd Zameer Ramoutar
3rd Akeel Ali
4th Morgan Lloyd
5th Dimitre Baboolal