On Road National Finals

On Sunday 24th September 2017 RCMOTT held it's final On Road National for 2017 at Hakim Juman Street Chaguanas.

The morning started off to a wet start as we had showers of blessing from the Lord God which we accepted with opened arms. But as the saying goes "rain only stops cricket" with the help of all members the track was blown and swept getting the majority of water off the track. Due to the late start we had 1 qualifier and shorter mains. After the qualifier Jarod Johnson would win Top Qualifier (TQ) for the sportsman class, and in the expert class Zameer Ramoutar would win Top Qualifier (TQ).

The final race for sportsman was 15 mins and expert 20 mins long. The sportsman race would start with Jarod taking the lead and Yosef Baboolal hot on his heels in second place, young Amir Fonrose would struggle with the wet conditions in third place. At the end of the sportsman race Jarod would walk away as the 1st place winner followed by Yosef in 2nd and Amir in 3rd.

The expert race would have a really twist as Zameer had a battle with Akeel Ali for 1st place as these to drivers were just seconds apart, Jerome Gafoor would have mechanical problems with his car and struggle in 3rd place. In the last 10 mins of the race Akeel would suffer a radio problems put Zameer in the lead but by the time Akeel got back out on the track Zameer would have a commanding lead.

At the end of the race Zameer would finish in 1st, Akeel 2nd and Jerome 3rd. So at the end of the Sunday's event the results of the day are as follow:

Sportsman class:

  • Jarod Johnson              1st & TQ
  • Yosef Baboolal              2nd
  • Amir Fonrose                3rd
  • Lyndon Ramoutar         4th
  • Jonathon Lackhansingh 5th

Expert class:

  • Zameer Ramoutar 1st & TQ
  • Akeel Ali              2nd
  • Jerome Gafoor    3rd 

The moments you all have been waiting for the Final Standings for 2017 On Road Nationals

Sportsman Class:

  • Jarod Johnson               1st
  • Amir Fonrose                2nd
  • Jonathon Lackhansingh3rd
  • Jerome Atkins               4th
  • Nafees Mohammed       5th
  • Yosef Baboolal              6th
  • Gerel Granderson          7th
  • Lyndon Ramoutar         8th


Expert class:

  • Zameer Ramoutar    1st
  • Jerome Gafoor         2nd
  • Steven Hosein          3rd
  • Jason Drysdale         4th
  • Akeel Ali                   5th
  • Garvin Granderson   6th
  • Cameron Granderson 7th

RCMOTT will like to thank all members for their support in the 2017 Nationals and look forward to your continued support in 2018

Thank you for your time and support in building model car racing in Trinidad and Tobago


Joseph Ramoutar



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