On road NATS 2018 #1 26-03-2018

RCMOTT will like to thank all it's members for coming out on Sunday for the start of the race season it was quite a very interesting day filled with lots of surprises.

The on road class is showing to be very competitive this year with driver's like Jarod, Spence Amir and Lyndon showing lots of form and a force to deal with, the reigning on road National Champ for 2017 Zameer Ramoutar has his work cut out for him this year and only time will tell.


The day started out with a shower of blessing for the Lord above ensuring that the day proceedings went will and indeed it did, with 7 drivers and 3 rounds of qualifiers at 7mins lower mains 25mins and final race 35mins and 1 driver qualifying directly to the final race. 

The first round would have the drivers going all out as if it was the final race with Jerome and Spence battling it out for top qualifier position, at the end of round 1 Spence would hold the TQ position. 


The second round would show to be a lot more intense with Jarod now wanting to take the TQ position and Jerome showing that it's not going to be an easy qualifier the drivers set out to the track. 2017 On Road National Champ Zameer would seems to be a little out of shape as he just didn't seem to have that little more zoom in him to battle with these guys, as the qualifier start the Jerome got to it and showed that he was on a mission to gain that TQ position but Jarod would not let it go by that easy with very lap these 2 would be separated by only seconds at the end of round 2 Jerome would now take the TQ position with 33 laps in 7.01sec with Jarod doing 33 laps in 7.04sec.


In round 3 of the qualifiers Zameer would try to have a go at the TQ position but it would be a battle to the end with Jerome not letting his guard down and Spence knocking on the doors of these 2 drivers letting them know he right here for the 7 mins these 3 would all be on the same lap and only separated by seconds like in round 2, at the end of round 3 Zameer didn't have that little extra to take the TQ position from Jerome as he missed it by 3sec.


Jerome would qualifier directly into the final race leaving the other 6 drivers to battle in the lower mains were only 3 will then qualify to the final race.

The line up for the lower mains were Zameer, Jarod, Spence, Steven, Lyndon and Amir in that order, during the warm up for the lower mains Amir would suffer a broken axle which would have him retire from the race. 


The lower main started with 5 drivers 25 mins long Zameer would step out with the lead with Jarod and Spence not letting him out of the site, but in the 44 lap, Zameer would suffer a mechanical issue putting Spence in the lead Steven would know get in the action with Zameer out. The top 3 now holding on to get into the final race Spence, Jarod and Steven in that order would now just try to hold out until the end of the race to make it to the finals, but in the 17 min for the race  Zameer would return to the track on a mission to get in the top 3 and that he did the 11 year drove like his life depended on it with Steven in 3rd place trying to secure his position in the finals Zameer just kept coming at him lap after lap and at the end of the 25 mins main the top 3 drivers to make it to the finals would go as follow Spence, Jarod and Zameer. Steven lost the 3rd place to Zameer by 1 lap.

With this being the first National event for 2018 the final race would be very critical for all in the drivers in the finals. This year the final race has been shorten to 35 mins from the normal 45 mins final so it just got a whole lot more intense.


On the starting grid we had Jerome, Spence, Jarod and Zameer in that order and at the sound of the horn the race started with Jerome taking the lead followed by Zameer, Spence and Jarod, but Zameer would suffer the same mechanical problem as before and drop down to 4th place while Jerome kept on making the laps but Jarod would not let Jerome out of his site staying on the same lap trying to get closer to make the pass but Jerome would show the youngster that age and experience is of great value. Spence would hold on to 3rd place but quietly catching Jarod some say that Spence has been in training for sometime seeing the sort of driving skills he made, but a sudden turn of events Jerome would suffer a major mechanical problem on the 91st lap that would put him out of the race and then Zameer then returns to the race with only 16 mins remaining trying to get the 3rd place finish from Jerome and man did the youth drive.


Jarod would keep pushing with Spence now in 2nd place and just 1 lap down Jarod these 2 would trail each other like a train on a greasy track no stopping, but then the worst thing could happen when you are in the lead Jarod's battery dies on his car on the 123rd lap and Spence being right on his door just ran straight through the house to take the lead mean while Zameer still making up those laps to get 3rd place, Jarod just stands on the drivers stand and watches Spence run away with the lead at the end of the final race the winners are as follow 

  • Yosef Baboolal aka Spence 1st 148 lap in 35mins
  • Jarod Johnson  2nd 128 laps in 35mins
  • Zameer Ramoutar aka Zed 3rd  107 laps in 35mins

The 1st National event just shows whats to come for 2018 in the sport of Radio Control Model Car Racing

On road nats points 2018#1