Q. How do I get to Tobago?

A. Tobago is the smaller of the twin island country of Trinidad & Tobago. You must first fly into Trinidad, airport code POS. The take 15 minute flight on a small aircraft, this cost USD50.00 return. This route is normally handled trough Caribbean Airlines.


Q. What is the currency of Trinidad & Tobago?

A. Official currency is the Trinidad & Tobago dollar. Some vendors do accept US dollar at the rate of TTD$6.00 – USD$1.00


Q. What is the official language of Trinidad & Tobago?

AEnglish is spoken in both countries.


Q. What is the track like?

ALike a lot of tracks in USA, the track is based in a car park. The track is 295ft long x 95 wide. Inside corner to inside corner the straight will be 250ft long, expect long sweepers into fast left right chicanes. The surface is standard asphalt mix; HOWEVER, the aggregate used is virgin andersite, which has a very high silica content. The aggregate mixed with natural tar provides significant grip without the need for additives such as sugar water or other additives. See à https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andesite


Q. Where is the track in relation to the main city?

A. The track is housed in the Dwight York Stadium, Bacolet, which is 15-20 minutes from the airport and 7 minutes from the capital city, Scarborough.


Q. What classes and rules will be used?

ATnT Grand Prix is a GT only event, this year, the event is open to both electric and nitro GT cars. Standard ROAR rules for the class, 3500grams, rubber tires, etc...



Q. What’s the format & how many racers?

A. Electric GT will have 4 rounds of qualifying at 5 minutes per round. Nitro GT will have 4 rounds of qualifying at 7 minutes per round. Qualifying will be based on the rocker round principle. Electric GT will have triple A mains at 7 minutes per main. Based on the final numbers Nitro GT will, have a 15 minutes ¼ finals, 30 minutes ½ semis odd, 30 minutes ½ semis even and a 1 hour finals. To date there are 19 local drivers, 2 USA based drivers, 1 German, 1 Brazilian & 1 Bajan.


Q. Do I need to walk with my own stuff? What can I get there?

A. The local hobby operation, RCTNT Ltd. will be on site supporting all racers, they will have engines, Novarossi, OS, Picco, Triton, Alpha, Sweep Tires, Arromax Tires, Alpha Tires and GRP tires. They stock Byrons original nitro fuel in both 25% & 30%. Other items as RX batteries, glow plugs and other related items will be available. They accept credit cards and cash, if you have a specific need, please contact them at – rctnt.com@gmail.com


Q. What’s there to do other than racing?

A. EVERYTHING!! From night clubs, to casinos, fine dining, street food, street parties, emerald blue beaches with silver sands, glass bottom boat reef tours, mountain bike trails, wilderness tours, historic fort tours, lots and lots of amazing local dishes, open seas fishing, snorkelling tours, wind surfing, jet skis,  and warm, friendly and fun loving people that you will never forget. The Tobago Jazz festival will be happening at the same time as TnT Grand Prix