RCMOTT is pleased to announce the Easter Sunday off Road Event at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

RCMOTT is pleased to announce the Easter Sunday off Road Event at the Ato Boldon Stadium.

Drivers will be using the new driver’s stand for the first time in competition. Proceedings- The track opens at 9.00am & closes at 11.00am. Start time for the first round of qualifying is 11.30am. Advance registration for Sunday’s off road event must be done online->

http://www.rcmott.org/prereg/ . Qualifying will consist of 3 rounds at a duration of 5 minutes per round, this applies to all classes. The maximum number of persons per qualifying round is twenty (20). Should there be more than 20, the class will be split for qualifying. When qualifying is complete, the group will be evenly split creating the A main & B main classes. If the division of the class leads to uneven numbers, the greater number of drivers will consist the B main, of this, the highest finisher will transfer from the B main (bump up) to the A main.

The classes carded for Sunday’s event are-

  • Electric Truggy
  • Nitro Buggy
  • Short Course
  • Electric Buggy
  • Nitro Truggy

If at the time of start the competitors for the class are not present the round will be cancelled and the next class run. There is no break between rounds, each qualifying round starts 2 minutes after the finish of the last driver in the previous round. There will be 1 call for drivers, after which the round starts. The onus is upon you, the competitor to be on the drivers stand on time for the start of your round.

Marshaling & Penalties- RCMOTT will not allow any person on the track in open toe footwear, no driver will be allowed onto the driver’s stand with open toe footwear. If you MUST wear footwear with your toes exposed for medical purposes, a medical certificate must be produced in support of your condition. In that instance, you must nominate a person to marshal on your behalf BEFORE the start of the race day. All marshals MUST be on the track ready to marshal prior to the start of the race, if the race starts on your turn to marshal and you are NOT on the track, you will incur a penalty of -3 laps for that round and every other round you miss. The total amount of penalty laps will be tabulated and applied to your respective main. If you have finished your main and do not marshal, 6 laps will be deducted from the results of your main.

Should a driver arrive late & not complete any qualifying rounds, that driver will start the lowest main with -5 laps. Racing- After qualifying there will be a short break, after which racing will begin- Nitro Buggy, B Main- 25 minutes

Electric Buggy- 15 minutes

Nitro Truggy, B Main- 25 minutes

Short Course- 15 minutes

Nitro Buggy A Main- 40 minutes

Electric Truggy- 15 minutes

Nitro Truggy A Main- 40 Minutes

Prize Giving- 30 minutes after the final race a prize giving ceremony will be held under the control tent, please ensure you are present. Rookie of the day & fastest lap will be awardable achievements.