TnT Grand Prix 2017

The Radio Controlled Model Organization of Trinidad & Tobago (RCMOTT) will host the "TnT Grand Prix".
From Thursday 23th March 2017, to Sunday 26th March 2017 at the Dwight York Stadium, Bacolet, Tobago .
Thursday 23rd April the track will be open from 12.00pm
Friday 24th April the track will be open for practice from 9.00am, two rounds of ceding will start from 1.00pm
Saturday 25th April qualifying will start from 11.00am
Sunday 26th April- Mains starts from 11.00am
All nitro classes will have 4 rounds of qualifying @ 7 minutes per round.
Entry Fee- USD$100.00 per class.
Your entry fee includes practice, 1 pit space, 1 table & 1 chair
Payment must be made in advance via PayPal- PayPal account-
Advance payment can also be made at any branch of Scotia Bank-
Acct name- RCMOTT (Radio Controlled Organization of Trinidad & Tobago)
Acct #- 4014863
Branch Transit Code- 30395
Registration closes midday on Thursday 23 March 2017


Name *
Please enter the country you are representing
Class Selection *
4 qualifiers Nitro @ 7 minutes, Electric @ 6 minutes. Nitro GT finals 1 hour, 1/2 mains 30 minutes, 1/4 main & lower 15 minutes. Electric GT triple A main 8 minutes each main, B main and lower 6 minute double mains.
Rules of Competition *
The models entering this event must conform to all ROAR rules that govern chassis, engine, tires, motors and body specifications
NItro GT Transponder ID
Electric GT Transponder ID
Please list the brand & model of your engine. Engine must not exceed .21 with a maximum of 5 ports and fitted with a venturi/restrictor no bigger than 7mm
Please list model & brand of your motor system. A mamimum of 6s(22.2 volts).
Please state the brand and model of your GT Chassis. All cars must be based on a chassis that have "kick up" & must have a minimum weight of 3500 grams
Please state your choice of GT body. The collective pitch of your spoiler must not exceed 75mm.
If more than one model and brand, please list brand & model, eg E-GT(Brand)/N-GT(Brand). All tires must be made of rubber.